Monday, January 07, 2008

Correcting a mistake?

Do you correct a mistake if a store rings up an item the wrong price? I would say yes, but half the time, I don't even catch the mistake until I'm home. I don't actually look at my receipt unless there is a huge discrepancy of a few dollars or more. But a say $1 I probably won't catch it.

This makes me wonder is it wrong? I have returned an item to a store when it was not rung up. I got home and realized that I hadn't paid for something in my bag, which wasn't mine. Actually I had gotten a bag of groceries from the previous customer. But I didn't catch the error until I got home and unloaded the groceries and thought, huh I didn't buy that.

But I haven't really checked my receipts carefully. I check eating out totals, but otherwise, I assume it's right.

What do you do? Do you check every item on your reciept? Do you correct the store if they make a mistake? I do, but I feel like I don't have a choice. Why?

Because of Karma. I have serious good Karma, having lost my wallet 3x and had them returned. Also this year I dropped my keys and had them returned to me. Yep, I need all the good Karm I can get because of my forgetfulness and stupidity. I can't have bad Karma surrounding me with my behavior. I am one of those people who does a lot of stupid things. I need all the luck I can get.


Lulugal11 said...

Yes I do check my receipts while still in the store. In fact I look at the figures as they are rung up and then I double check my receipt.

I am always catching things like stuff that has a sale sticker on the shelf but rings up at the normal price.

The smallest amount I caught was 62 cents where the cashier swiped my tuna can six times and did one reversal, but I only had four cans, effectively charging me for five cans. I always buy canned goods in even numbers so that stood out as I was scanning the receipt.

A little bit over the top I know...but hey I am broke.

Jim ~ said...

I always check the receipts because the receipt is the only proof of the transaction. Eating out I have to estimate what I expect the check to be, and they never put prices on their drink menus so you get a surprise when you find out what it really costs. At stores I try to make sure things are priced as they say they are. Sometimes pointing out an error in the price gets you an even better discount on it.

It's not good to lose stuff. My wife lost her purse, had it returned. Then it got stolen and she got it returned again. The second time around though the thief used her credit cards and we had to eat about $500 in loss. I am very adamant about making sure things are put in a common place so they are not misplaced.

johnstonteam said...

We watch the register and the receipt both ways. We will always point out when the error is in the merchants favor. A good majority of the time, they will still pass on the savings of the error to us.

And we watch to make sure we don't get overcharged.