Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Budget

I guess I never really posted my Christmas spending. I know most people blow quite a bit on Christmas, but I cringe at the idea of what my Christmas budget really is. Since I'm a non-budgeter, I sort of buy what I like for people. Looking at my credit card statement, I've spent thus far $500/year.

That includes gifts for people, going out to eat with family and paying, cards and postage, and other stuff. Now if you include our airline tickets home, kenneling the dogs, gifts I have to bring back from home for the neighbors, and just overall more eating out the weekend before we left, then I believe we're sitting easily at $3k/year. Okay I really want to shoot myself.

Last year we ran away on our honeymoon to Switzerland which cost us about $2500 for a week including airline tickets, hotels, food, skiing, everything. However I ended up mailing Harry and David to everyone so it cost me another $500 in gifts. So I can't say that it was any cheaper. However I did have a nice time in Switzerland.

Why do people spend so much at Christmas? Why can't we all get over and not buy presents for each other? Why do we even need to send cards? I feel this terrible guilt over cards and gifts, and this obligation to give people stuff because they are giving me something. I really just wish we could do nothing. I expect no presents and I hate shopping.

What would happen if I had the nerve to tell my family no more gifts? Would I be scrooge? I save a ton because I stopped exchanging with friends for about 3 years now. But my rather lareg and extended family is causing me heartache. I don't even have to do my in-laws. So why all this materialism?

How much do you spend on Christmas? Why can't you spend less? Do you want to spend less or would you rather be able to spend more?


credit card user said...

I don't understand why people can buy something inexpensive, without having to pay for it with their credit cards. It is much wiser to borrow money for something significant like a wedding or a big trip somewhere.

Anonymous said...

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