Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dining out for less

For years now DH and I have been avid Entertainment book users. This coupon books costs ~$30 and is filled with coupons that you can buy one get one free meals. We started using this book back in San Diego and found that it saved us a ton of money. It also forced us to try new places to eat that we normally wouldn't have had the nerve to eat at. For instance we ate Ethiopian food, which was a bit unusually. While I'm not sure I'd go back, to get dinner for two for $20 at a place that I would never have spent $40 seems great.

We love to eat out so this book has fantastic deals. Thus far this year we've saved about $40 in eating out already since November. Sure people will say it fosters spending money, but we'd probably go out to eat anyway, so why not try to get a deal?

We also use it because they have movie ticket deals. $6 to see a movie at any regal cinemas, which worked out great in San Diego because we lived down the street from one. Also they have deals on hotels for 50% if you are avid travelers. But overall the best use of the entertainment book has been the fact it forces us to try places outside of normal reccomendations by people. It makes us decide to try different types of food, we would normally hesistate, and it's fun.

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