Monday, December 11, 2006

What's in your shopping cart?

Over on another board, a poster had written about a women spending $700 on Christmas gifts, and yet seeing that she wasn't even done. The poster then complained about the woman's spending and made remarks regarding the woman being in debt.

This bothered me greatly, because I've never looked at other people's carts. So it makes me paranoid that perhaps I'm being judged by others. I guess I wonder if you are happy with your life and feel secure in your spending why would you waste your time looking at other people's purchases? Is it envy or jealousy? Is it the need to have more than you can afford? Is it what drove you into debt in the first place?

I think a key idea to staying out of debt is being satisfied with your money, your life, and your purchases. Then you'll never look at what others carts hold, but rather be satisfied with your cart has.

What do you think drives people to look in other's carts?

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