Thursday, December 28, 2006

Giving money...

Okay I'm probably the one blogger who didn't yet discuss giving. I'm not much of a giver, at least not religiously. I giver sporadically to things, mostly whatever fundraiser a friend/neighbor is asking for. But I do not tithe. I wonder if instead of tithing, I shouldn't give to a set charity every month?

What do others do who are not religious? Do you have a set charity you donate to? Do you feel compelled to giver say 10%? Under what circumstances do you give to religious organizations? I have donated to the church mainly when I go in there to light candles for my family's health and well-being. This year I really need to go and light some candles.

Since it is the season of giving, I have given a small amount to charity. I do a lot of random giving, I have no idea why, but I enjoy it a lot. I also love tossing money into the salvation army bell ringers. It's a very strange thing. But all in all, I feel very guilty for not being a regular giver.

Is there some way around this for atheists/agnostics? Should we give back more? Less? And to whom?

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Give whatever you want to - it's your money - until you give it away ;)

Personally I just give the odd $10 donation to a charity that catches my eye - usually directly via the web, as I don't want 30%+ of my donation paying for some professional "collector" on the street corner. I don't give much in total each year as it just conflicts with my personal financial goals of saving and investing as much as possible. It seems pointless to spend time researching how to earn a few more percentage points on my investments, or spending time doing extra work for a few extra dollars, if I'm going to give away a significant fraction of my income. Previously (when single) I had "donated" several hours a week of my spare time to volunteer community work (emergency services) for more than a decade, but these days I'd rather spend the time with my wife and kids.

If I accumulate enough wealth to be in a position to leave some to my kids as an estate, they can choose whether or not to give some of it away when it's theirs. They've been people living in poverty since money was invented, and I don't see anything to suggest that my descendants would have trouble finding a worthwhile cause to support if they choose to.

Living Almost Large said...

Thanks, I think people who aren't religious find it harder to find charities to give too. People who tithe just give to the church they attend which is nice. But I'm not of the religious persuasion, and even if I were I don't know if I'd give to a church.

This could be a better year for me. I've donated quite a bit in goods and I like buying stuff at supermarkets or whereever you check out and they ask for a donation. But maybe I'll get more into it.