Sunday, November 26, 2006

Black Friday Shopping

I haven't yet decided if Black Friday is worth it. I went out pretty early to get a few things when stored opened. They were mostly practical items I had been waiting for to go on sale and usually don't. So it wasn't a big deal. I really wanted a laptop computer, but the line for that started Thanksgiving day, so I figured I wasn't that crazy to need to sit there to save $400.

I wonder if people really realize the opportunity cost of them sitting there for these purchases. Are they things they were planning on buying anyway, or just stuff they had to have to fufill their stuffitis needs? Do they earn enough to afford the regular price, but are super thrifty and are willing to sit and wait for the absolute best deal? And how to weigh that against spending time with their families.

We bought some SD memory, speakers for the computer, a steam vacuum cleaner, sheets, and gloves. All in all, things we were going to buy, but we willing to wait on to get some pretty nice deals. The inner cheapskate in me was crying out to sit there and wait for the $250 laptop, but the inner realist said you have to go and hang out with your DH.

What did you buy for Black Friday if anything?

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