Monday, November 20, 2006

Flipping our Wii

Okay so we went and got a couple of Wii this weekend, mainly because we really wanted one. But then we decided we put an ad on Craigslist and try to sell it. Well before we could respond we ended up selling the Wii's for a tidy profit and not having any to play with. This is driving my DH crazy.

I had only agreed to wait in line at Toys R Us for an hour before midnight opening. Turns out it was enough for a Wii (we were 140 out of 175) that got a Wii. The moment we returned home at around 2 am (there were four cashiers working really slowly) and they were letting 10 people in at a time, we decided hey let's post it for sale on Craigslist. When we awoke we had sold both Wii for $175 profit. So my DH decides let go get another couple Wii at Costco, which again turns out we waited for an hour before opening and both got Wii. And again when we get home we decide to flip the Wii. And again we sold our Wii on craigslist.

So in the end we made enough to justify buying a Wii, though we had entered this just hoping to score one. We didn't actually expect it to be so easy. The only issue is listening to my DH complain about not having his Wii and really wanting one. For those of you who know us, you know we've already got our gamecube hooked up and we play it quite regularly, so this is not as impulsive a purchase as it would seem. Unfortunately DH may have to wait now until after Christmas to play Zelda.

Now if only I had gotten my hands on a PS3.


franky said...

Wouldn't have >been worth it...unless you are not as obsessive compulsive as I am. said...

I want one, but I haven't made enough of an effort to get one yet. Hopefully they'll be back in stock before Christmas so Santa can bring one for the boys.

Living Almost Large said...

Nickel I think they'll probably be in stock. The hard part is getting extra controllers and stuff. Sigh, why did we sell them off?

Anonymous said...

And people like you and your husband are *exactly* the reason my 15 year old son, who scrimped and saved and worked for the money, was unable to even purchase a Wii. It's sickening and greedy, but since ypu don't actually have children I'm sure you laughed all the way to the bank.

Living Almost Large said...

Anonymous, sorry your son didn't get it the day he wanted. He should have waited outside with you like we did for the one hour or gotten up and gone to Costco. The intentions wasn't to sell them, in fact I had no intention on buying one.

But my DH really wanted one and he deserved it. We work very hard for our money, probably as hard as you do. So how can you say an adult who is standing waiting around for it isn't worthy?

Honestly I should have kept one because my nephews wanted one, but my brother didn't tell me in time. And I would have just given it to them.

Kenric said...

LOL, I love the post by anonymous. The reason the kid did not get the Wii is because he didn't really want one or his parents didn't really want him to get one. I'm sure there were many kids out there waiting in line like you. He could have done the same thing, but he wasn't driven enough or his parents wouldn't take him.

Living Almost Large said...

I actually wonder how many kids work for their Wii? Or PS3? And how many just have their parents buy it? DH bought his own super nintendo with money he saved and earned working. Shows you how old he is.

Anyway now that we make money as adults, because we both grew up playing nintendo as kids, we're addicted.

I'm really amazed parents would spend that sort of money for kids. I can spend it because it's me, but I think it would be pretty tough to swallow giving my kids such an expensive gift.