Saturday, November 04, 2006

Turning 30...

I want to write about where I'd like to be at 30, that's a few years away so I've got time. First and probably the easiest goal is to have a baby. I want to have a baby by the age of thirty. Not a big deal.

Second, I'd like to have $150k in retirement accounts, considering we start June 2005 with a big fat zero, I think that's a good goal. Now to follow DH's company example, I'll put a stretch goal, $200k. That is if our investment portfolio does really well because there is a contribution limit of $15k/year 401k and $4k/year Roth IRA which we are currently maxing out.

Third, I'd to have $100k in our taxable accounts, I am guessing that we may be close to this number depending on when we buy our next car. This goal is easily achievable if we don't purchase a new car, and nothing happens to our older ones.

But of course, right now as I type this our 2000 Ford Focus is having issues. That is probably the next posting, whether to buy use or new, and foreign versus american. Our stretch goal is going to be $200k in taxable accounts. That puts at close to a net worth of $500k by my 30th birthday. I think that if we reached that goal, it would be amazing.

As it now stands we have a networth of $182k, most of it is home equity in the form of a down payment and paying down the mortgage. That probably should be another post, why we bought and used an ARM mortgage.

Fourth, I'd love to graduate, but then I should get off the computer and get back to work.

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