Sunday, November 19, 2006

Buying a Wii or PS3

People have gone literally crazy this weekend buying a Wii or PS3. They have been waiting for a week for the PS3. One man was shot and robbed in Connecticut for his PS3. One may ran into a pole while they stampeded into Walmart to grab the PS3 off the shelves.

Of course the PS3 have been selling for on average $3000, however it had been sold for as high for $6000. Is it really worth dying over? Obviously people think so. The PS3 is retailing at $600 but the Wii is retailing at $250.

My DH and I have been dying to get a Wii, and we stood in line at Costco this morning. We actually got one without too much wait time, about 1.5 hours, and we got to sit in the car and wait because we got a ticket. Actually we bought two and we're in the process of selling one of the systems. We actually might flip both systems but we're not sure.

Now I guess comes the time to decide how much do people want to spend on a Wii because they won't be able to get a PS3. PS are supposed to have shipped only 180k out, the Wii will try to get out 6 million out by March 2007. Does this mean it's a saturated market or will we be able to sell the extra console?

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