Monday, September 03, 2007

August Net Worth

We increased our net worth by .24%. Mainly we added $1195 of Credit Card debt buying a sofa in August on a 0% CC. However this weekend I sold our old couch for $230, great deal when you consider we paid $350 5 years ago. I'm going to send the $230 + $100 extra planned payment. I also cashed out of a stock so I may pay off the sofa in full next month because I don't like the idea of the debt weighing me down. I have the money in savings but it's a mental thing.

However overall our mortgage decreased another $685 (.15%). We increased our retirement through investments and contributions $3561 (6.32%), our EF increased $810 (5%), and we decreased our cash on hand by $3545 (22.63%).

Unfortunately we carry a lot of cash on hand at any given time because we're cash-flowing a lot DH's tuition approximately $20k/year. So we build it up and pay it out for 2 semester and 2 summer sessions. Each semester has cost $20k, and each summer session $5k. We did take out an $8500 subsidized stafford loan last year and probably this year as well. The tuition last year was paid Augut $2k, December $2k, February $8k, May $5k, June $8k, July $5k. So we keep the cash in our bank savings account and pay it out as required.

Any suggetions for a better method than just keeping the cash on hand would be great. But I'm not sure we should invest it.

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Moneymonk said...

Don't invest it unless you plan to let it sit there for 5+ years.