Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bad haircuts...

Well last week Thurday I got a haircut for $35. Unfortunately it was a terrible haircut. It looks nothing like the picture I took into the salon. I've been going to the salon for 2 years and have been very happy with the person who typically cuts my hair. Unfortunately he left, and so I decided why not try someone else?

Well it was bad. Definitely not worth the $35. But then I come home with my butchered hair and my DH says "Why'd you pay $35 for the cut? Why not pay more to get a better haircut?" He says I've noticed over the years that you spend $25-40/haircut on average. However about 25% of the time the cuts have been bad. Why not pay more at a better salon and get a cut?

My answer? I don't know if this is how other women do it, but honestly I would pay more for a cut if I like the hairstylist, but finding a person you go loyally is tough. For some reason, everytime I find a hairstylist I like they change jobs, move after a 2-3 years and then I'm SOL. So I have to investigate and find a stylist other people reccomend, which is how I originally found this guy.

In CA it was the same thing I only found someone by referral. When you test out different places, I've found it's more often a waste. Although I'm typically driven my desperation. I like to wear my hair pretty short, so used to go every 2-3 months.

But now I'm stuck without my regular guy and I am unsure what to do. I don't think the more expensive salons are necessarily better. But I do need to find a stylist who is familiar with Asian hair. Or else. I've found my hair doesn't exactly look right when it's cut by a non-asian because of the texture, density, people are not usually experienced with cutting Asian hair.

But it will grow. However it pains me and my DH to have paid $35 for a bad haircut. sigh. Please don't tell me to cut it myself, because it doesn't work. I have hair that is more than an inch in diameter when in a ponytail. Also it's very fine and oily. It's not easily cut to look nice, although it is cheap to grow long and whack it off ear length. But even then it's too hot to wear with layers and thinning.


Chief Family Officer said...

I agree, it's very hard to find someone who's reliable. I don't know how often you cut your hair, but I've cut back to just 2-3 times a year and go to a very reputable salon for $100 per trip (including tip). I've found that going to expensive places almost always means I'll leave with a decent cut even if I don't know the stylist beforehand. I'd rather go less often and pay more than be unhappy!

Living Almost Large said...

I used to get it cut every other month because I like to wear it pretty short. Right now I'm debating what to do, because I hate growing it out so long. But I can't justify paying so much every 6-8 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Why do people think that if they pay more for something it will be better? Where is that written? You can pay $5000 for a first class ticket but the plane is still going to be late (or delayed) for you just the way it is for those sitting in coach. Getting a cocktail in a fancy lounge while you wait doesn't justify the costs either (while you wait).
I pay $5 for my haircuts at a local beauty school. I've been going there for 2 years after my stylist raised her price to $40. The students are almost finished with school, work in the salon right before graduation and have been well trained in the latest cuts, hair products, techniques, etc. They was and cut (I bring in a photo) and before they blow dry the teacher comes to inspect their work. Any mistakes are corrected by the teacher. In the 2 years I have been going, only once did I get a bad cut. I went to a professional to straighten it out and paid $50 for an ever bigger mess!
Women come to the beauty school to get their hair done for proms and weddings! That's how good the girls are! I am doing the students a favor by providing a 'real head' and they are helping me keep my budget intact. I always talk to the girls and see who lives in my area in case I want to see them again for the next cut. BUT, they would be charging me $25 and I like the five dollar bill instead.

Anonymous said...

"They WASH and cut' sorry for type.

Living Almost Large said...

I just looked it up in my area. I'm going to try it probably it's $15. Not $5 but not $35.

Hmm...I wonder if they do asian hair? Do not laugh but it is very different from other types of hair.

My worse cut was from someone not asian. My hair would not lie flat, she just cut it completely wrong for the texture.

Mom of 3 said...

I've started spending more for haircuts only because I tried many other places and stylists here and they didn't do the greatest job. So it's not that I get a better haircut because I pay more, but that I found an amazing stylist who happens to charge more :)

Just keep trying different salons. Oh-and if you city/town has a magazine that comes out with the "Best of" list every year you might find a good salon that way. That's how I found my salon. It's small, only 2 people, and it's hidden in downtown. No website or anything. But they are great!