Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Guests Costs

I think we'll be having a wild spending month in September. My parents for 2 weeks, my in-laws for 10 days, my BIL for 1 week, and friends for 4 days all staying with us. Between more food, utilities, eating out, and activities, I have a feeling this will be a ridiculously expensive month. Arrgh.

What are the costs really associated with guests? I've found that besides a little increase in hot water, lights, etc, mostly it's eating out because you are too tired to cook. Increased gas usage from driving to see things or going to do activities. And basically paying for entertainment. Even if you pay for just yourselves, it's money you normally would not have spent on fun activities.

I think my budgeted $75/month fun money will be used up completely. Typically we don't spend it and we mostly use it during snowboarding season. But with this month I'll be going above and beyond in spending. Sadly I've already allocated an extra $1k for spending this month.

I guess I should add that for DH and I because our parents live far (over 3k miles one way), our visits are never weekend visits. And we have to do more and see more during that time. But it is nice to see family, I miss mine a lot so I consciously make a choice of spending more money on trying to see them whenever possible. To me it's just another line item.

I wonder if others spend as much when they have guests?


Anonymous said...

I just tallied up my summer guest expenses. We estimated we spent around $200 each weekend we had family and friends over. We had 5 weekends of this, so the total is $1000. Needless to say, next year is going to be different. No one is invited. Period. We can't do this anymore. Hubby and I are exhausted. Some summer vacation!
If anyone calls us next year looking for an invite, we are going to tell them they must contribute or stay home! (sorry for the rant.)

Living Almost Large said...

That's just weekends! Eeck! I bet mine $1k is not an overestimation. Sigh.

I'm Grace. said...

It does cost to have guests. You usually lay in more snack food, and you wind up driving folks around, not to mention entry fees to special sights. But eating out? That's usually when my guests "pay me back," by springing for nice dinners, brunches, etc. I always thought of that as one of the perks for being hostess.

Living Almost Large said...

It really depends. Probably my parents will treat out to a meal out. My in-laws probably not, unless their arms are twisted. And I can't expect my BIL to pay. So it depends on the guest.

carolyn said...

We've had guests two weekends in a row. Our groceries have cost about $40 more per week than we usually spend.

One guest brought a fine cut of steak for us to enjoy, the other guest bought take out one night.

I don't mind the added expense - it saved us from having to travel to see them! If it had been $200 extra per weekend, you'd better believe that I'd mind!

For what it's worth - when we have guests, we don't spring for extra activities. All of our provided activities come in the form of our fabulous company, delicious home-cooked meals and our Wii gaming system!

Living Almost Large said...

I think part of the problem is how long our guest stay. If it's just the weekend I think we could get away with a lot less money.

But when people stay longer than 2 weeks well things add up fast. Ugh, and by staying so long they aren't amused by just staying at home, but doing activities.

When we lived in SD we had to do Zoo, Seaworld, Park, etc. Now we do historic tours of the area, tour up to maine, the cape, vermont, etc.

I wonder if living so far away encourages these very long trips. Thus weekending isn't a feasible option.