Friday, September 07, 2007

Avoiding talking about money...

Want to know a trick to avoid talking about money with people in real life? Well I have the one that works for us. Have your spouse who has no clue about money answer all the questions. What? Well most people reading this blog and blogging are probably the finance nerd in the house. They probably pay all the bills, budget, and invest the money.

Honestly it's a double edge sword. I have a lot of financial responsibility because of it. But would I really be willing to give it up? I don't know.

But back to the topic of how much do you earn and what did you pay for your house? Well for some reason in real life there are a lot of people who ask these questions. I was raised that it's rude to ask such questions and I would never dare. But a surprising number of people ask us.

I look at my DH to answer these questions and he says "I don't know." Then he turns to me and I just shrug. The people asking then look at DH and he says "I just signed on the line when told, and she does everything else." He even says I can't tell you what our mortgage is, what our insurance cost, what I'm really paid, because I've never seen a paycheck. As people gawk, he says the last time I paid a bill was in 2000.

So the conversation ends because it becomes obvious that DH really has no idea or we're just willing to discuss such personal issues.

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