Friday, September 14, 2007

Poll: How much do you spend on Groceries

The poll closed yesterday on how much do you spend on groceries. A whopping 39 people voted, although I'm going to include myself in the survey to make it an even 40 people.

0 people spend less than $50/month per person
11 people spend between $50-$100/month per person
12 people spend between $100-$150/month per person
10 people spend between $150-$200/month per person
7 people spend more than $200/month per person

The majority of people between $50-200/month per person. But looking at the numbers I think perhaps I can assume, perhaps people who voted can comment on this, that it's more likley people spend between $100-150/month per person with the 11 and 10 people voting in the two categories next to this one are very close to the $100 and $150 marks rather than the $50 and $200 lines.

This is great, I spend about $150/month per person on groceries. Sometimes as low as $100, but on average about $150. I also do eat out, so it probably should be a higher number, but just for groceries that's not bad.

This month should be terrible both eating out and groceries. With all of our guest, however our new roomie is fasting so we no longer hvae to feed him.

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M said...

I just wrote about this topic--spending on groceries--today (as well as in the past). My husband and I have managed to lower our grocery spending, but we still hope to lower it even more, but can't quite figure out how. Do you have any tips you could share? Maybe even in a post?