Wednesday, February 13, 2008

$400 Beer!

Okay this is an aside, but I forgot to mention that this weekend I drank the most expensive beer on the planet. I had some of Sam Adams Utopia! I am not a beer enthusiast, but when given an opportunity to drink a $400 bottle of beer for free, heck ya I'm going to take someone up on the offer.

So anyway our neighbor had a free bottle from work, and since they don't drink, they willingly shared it with us. Wow. It packed a punch. Not that DH and I could ever afford something so luxurious, and truly in the upper echelons of indulgent, but WOW!

Guess I know what I'm buying DH one day when we have more money. Also, you have to have an inside track because they make 4000 bottles only, and if you aren't friends with the neighborhood liquor store owner, you're not getting one. They sell out in less than 5 minutes. Maybe next year for DH's graduation...

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