Saturday, February 23, 2008

Money Saving Tip?

Don't shop. Don't shop online or in a mall. Don't go into a store. I think it's great that some people can surf the internet and window shop while bored. Here Dog Ate My Finances writes about her recent internet window shopping.

Good for her. But I don't shop. I am not interested at all. I hate it actually, but realize many people love shopping. But my advice to real life friends? Don't bother window shopping or internet shopping if you really want to stop spending. Why? Because it's too much temptation.

It's like baking cookies, cakes, etc while on a diet. Sure you can give it away and see others enjoy it. But how long will you keep testing your willpower? How long will you keep tempting yourself? How long before you take one cookie, or one bite?

It's like sabotaging yourself to fail. You are giving yourself every opportunity to fail instead of succeed. If you want to stop spending money, don't allow yourself the opportunity to spend money.

It's like going to bars every night with an alcoholic. Perhaps there are more productive things they could be doing instead of constantly battling temption. They could be biking, hiking, working out, second job, etc instead of staring at booze. I am not saying deny yourself completely, but if you want to succed at spending less, then don't go to a mall, don't surf online at stores.

This will help to curb your desires. And maybe you'll get to the point where you hate it. Where it no longer gives you pleasure to buy stuff. Where you don't feel this urge to shop.

So my money saving tip? Don't surround yourself with temption, instead surround yourself with tools to succeed.

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Nick said...

good tips..but life is short