Thursday, February 28, 2008

Smaller Living

MSN just had an article on smaller living. They stated that developers are selling 298 sq ft condos for $150k-$500k. Mostly in urban areas where land is a premium. Amazing huh?

They questioned who would live there? I know tons of people who live in such small spaces either as singles or couples. Personally I've lived in a 300 ft bachelor (studio without kitchen) in Los Angeles. It was cheap at $900 and close to the university. I picked it solely based on it's location.

I think many more younger professionals, broke twenty-somethings, or retirees will chose to live in tiny spaces. It makes for streamlined living. Yes you pay more for things, because you don't stockpile or storage stuff. But then you really simply your life. Often there isn't room for dustcatchers or excess purchases.

During the time I lived in the bachelor, my DH also lived with me and our dog. We found the space unbearably tiny, but livable. We realized that it was more than adequate because of the location. The main problem was lack of parking spot, which in LA, is a necessity.

But we really loved the fact it made us simplify our lives. It made us choose what was important and not shop as much. We cooked simply without an oven and a Foreman grill. I think this way of life will become more common even for retirees.

Do you think you could live like this? Would you?


change is a good thing said...

I live in a <800' condo now and I love the size of it. It's plenty for just me, I don't have to spend a lot of time cleaning, I don't shop for things to fill it up and you're right, having less space means having less stuff and it really does simplify my life! :)

Debt Dieter said...

I moved in January to a much smaller apartment than I was previously living in. I love it. I like to refer to it as small but perfectly formed.

The layout and use of space is usually much better in smaller spaces I've found.

minimum wage said...


I've been advocating this sort of living option for years to no avail.

Ideally, I'd like to see small units like these priced low enough for hamburger flippers to own one.

Heck, I live in a big city and you can buy a 1,000-sf HOUSE on 10K sf for $150K, so a tiny condo SHOULD be considerably cheaper.

About 15-20 years ago I was flipping channels and caught the rnd of a CNN clip about some developer who had built 300-sf condos. Since I caught only the end of it, I never found out where this was.

clyde walker said...

I live in Makati condominiums for rent right now and I love living in this place. :)