Saturday, February 09, 2008

Bichons are expensive!

I love my two Bichon Frises, but they can be expensive. But not nearly as expensive as my Brother's Bichon. Actually his BF is the reason why I got mine, they are adorable, non-shedding, sturdy, funny, and excellent with kids.

Anyway in a short aside, my brother and SIL went out shopping quickly a week ago, they left their Bichon Casper at home alone. Bichons all hates being left alone and are terribly curious to boot. So they ran out and came home to a turned over entry table with everything spilt everywhere. That wasn't the worse part, my brothers wallet had been chewed and Casper had actually eaten the money in there. Yep, later my brother figured he probably lost about $40 (came out later). Hilarious.

In a second story in the same lines, my Aunt's BF decided it was cool to run around the house when she was gone. Well one day she came home to find a bottle of baby oil on the floor, and very sick Bichon. The bottle had fallen off the top of a dresser, breaking Inu's tail along with oiling him like a pig. He was impossible to catch, and was sick every where in the house because he kept trying to lick the baby oil off his rear end. They rushed him to the vet, who said his tail would never curl again and well the costs were rather large for the x-rays.

Until I got mine, I hadn't realized how funny, nor expensive they are. But they are pretty fun to have around.

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Canadian Saver said...

Yikes! Those don't seem like good experiences! Waiting to see how much money passed was pretty funny though!

Dogs can be very expensive yes. I chose chemo for my Lab a couple years ago, sadly it didn't cure him, and I still ended up with several thousand in bills. I have no regrets about that, just wish I still had him around.

I miss not having a goofy dog around :-)

Enjoy yours and all the trouble he gets into!