Friday, March 07, 2008

Cheap lesson in life...

Okay so never listen to your friends about travelling for cheap. DH and I are pretty decisive people. We also typically book tickets that seem reasonable, fit our timeframe, and are convenient.

Well DH is going to Colorado at the end of the month. We just bought a roundtrip ticket today for $395! Crazy, insane price. But last month when we wanted to book, DH's best friend didn't want to because he was trying to get the best price. The price at the time was $305.

Yep, he thought it was way to high. Problem that we were "discussing" with him, is the realization that he no longer had the flexibility he once had as a graduate student. He used to take off 6-12 weeks a year. Yep you read that right. He didn't care, his work ethic was such that vacations were important, unpaid or not.

But for us, we've always had time constraints so we usually accepted the price of paying a lot more for vacationing on set days. Well even DH's BF paid a lot. His tickets were $300 and he is going to take 2 extra days of vacation instead of DH's 1. And he only gets 10 days a year. I'm not sure how it will play out with his boss, who already mentioned too much vacation.

But this is why you never listen to your friends when it comes to finances. Lesson learned, DH agrees. We're pretty easy going, and this particular friend's hobby is travelling. He does mileage runs (where you buy flights to get miles to stay premier), so he constantly shops airfares. Problem? He's never been constrained by dates.

Well it's a $100 lesson, but in the grand scheme of things it's a cheap lesson in life. DH says next time we'll reconsider listening to someone, and instead follow what our common sense tells us.

Oh well back to the drawing board...Do you have any lessons learned about friends? Was it expensive or cheap?

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