Sunday, March 23, 2008

Quality or Price?

I just bought 2 pairs of Brooks Adrenaline GTS7 shoes from Each pair was $60, but I think it's reasonable. I need comfortable shoes and they are sturdy. I only bought them online because I was fitted in a regular shoe store first and each pair was $95 in store.

But the real expense was the Spenco Orthotic Rx. Those run $29.99/set and they can wear out. I also bought a couple of pairs of orthotic supports.

So is it worth buying expensive shoes and supports? I've always thought so but never really had the money to really buy good quality shoes. To me $20 shoes were adequate and I took care of them. Same with DH, he wears $30 sketchers mostly. But since I broke my foot 5 years ago, I've noticed a difference in my walk. It's been aching enough for me to see a podiatrist and have new supports reccomended instead of cheap OTC supports.

I guess that's a new lifestyle change. Realizing that cheap isn't always best. And sometimes that you have to spend more to get more value. By buying more expensive shoes and inserts, I (hopefully) will be happier walking. And because of that, I'll have a better quality of life.

If this works, I am guessing I'm never going back to $20 shoes.


frugal zeitgeist said...

Yeah. . . feet are important. Take it from a marathoner: good shoes will pay you back and bad shoes will punish you.

change is a good thing said...

Take it from someone who has had 8 foot surgeries and now has a prosthetic toe joint, don't mess around with your feet! You will be much happier when you get older that you took good care of them now. ;)

maxile said...

sometimes its better to use some money to have less pain later
than to save the money now

some things are worth it

Living Almost Large said...

My FEET FEEL AWESOME! I cannot emphasize enough what it's feeling like to walk all day on my feet now. I deliberately jump around because it feels so supportive!