Wednesday, February 20, 2008 they define you?

Forbes just had an article called "What your car says about you to the opposite sex." I had to laugh when I read the article. I found it very funny and interesting. It gives a new perspective on how car makers are researching the demographics of their buyers to better tailor their cars.

I wonder are people really impressed by a fancy car? If I were single and dating, would I look and care? I am pretty sure, that if I were single I'd still be driving my car. My DH would be in a fancy car for sure, after all, he commented what he saves in for my retirement would pay for a car. But I'd keep my car and hope a man would pick me and my corolla. I wouldn't mind a man driving a Porshe if he really did make $400k/year and saved a good portion of it. That would impress the heck out of me, someone who has worked hard, saved, and can enjoy the fruits of their labor. Especially if they started out young.

But of course, you won't know this until much later in the relationship. You'll have no idea if the car is leased or financed. All you'll know is whether the guy is driving a nice car or not. Much like figuring out if they have debt.

So I guess I'd have to go pick another corolla driver. Boring, safe, reliable, and cheap. Because people who are more into cars pick Hondas, those who are cheapskates picker the Toyotas!


MEG said...

Ha! I'm one of those "younger, single women" Volvo has managed to attract with their "contemporary-styled vehicles that are curvier and less boxy." Apparently I "rate safety high on my shopping list despite not having children" and I want it "in a more stylish package at an affordable price."

I guess I can't argue with that!

Cars certainly tell you a lot about a person, just as their dress, dining habits, and hobbies do. Image is all you have to rely on in the early stages of a relationship before you know about each others' goals, values, and habits.

I once had a guy in a bar hand me his set of keys and wait glibly for my response. He was very offended when I confusedly thought he was too drunk to drive. I hadn't recognized the Ferrari logo.

Sense to Dollars said...

Wow, Meg, what an A-hole. any guy that flashed their key ring and expected me to swoon would get an immediate, icy shutdown from me.

I may be the minority, but I prefer guys that drive practical, gas-sipping cars...that are paid off. Now THAT is impressive. My boyfriend drives a new-ish Ford Focus wagon, completely paid off.

Seriously, as long as the car is reasonably clean and safe (and hopefully has a radio), who cares??

Sarah said...

Yeah for the Corolla drivers!! I love mine :)

Foxie said...

Okay, seriously, I need to know what bar that was Meg... I dare any man with half a brain to hand me a set of keys to a Ferrari... His car would be gone before he realized I left the building! =] (And there'd go the whole focus of my blog...)

I certainly define myself by my cars - They're my biggest hobby and my life. My cars mean as much to me as people's kids mean to them.

Living Almost Large said...

I wonder if some women wouldn't think the same! Especially drunk ones.