Sunday, January 07, 2007

Expensive hobbies

I think as DINKS we have a few expensive hobbies. My DH loves to snowboard and the warm winter is killing him out here in the NE. We bought snowboards last year, at a great price, yet it was pretty expensive $400 a board/boots/bindings package for each of us. Then there is the price of lift tickets, which is pretty expensive as well. So he's researching a weekend trip to go ski somewhere else, maybe home in Canada while I'm wanting to stay home and veg.

Another expensive hobby of his love of video games. Can you believe how much the PS3 costs, or even the Wii? We have one and I'm wondering how parents afford these things? At $250 for the system and $50 a game, I question what sort of money parents make to afford these games? Personally I see these things as targeted to young single men in their 20s and 30s with money to blow. I think the other thing he loves is any electronics he can get his hands on.

My "hobby" is probably watching movies. I enjoy going to watch movies, but right now at $10 I can't justify going to the theaters except if it's something we can't wait to see. Last year we watched I think 3 movies in the theater, Talladega Nights, Borat, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

My other hobby is eating out. I think this probably adds up to his ski trips and video games because if I had more money I'd probably eat out more. As it is, we don't because I'm trying to lose weight. Yep, yet another year where I'm losing weight. Last year I lost 25 lbs and gained it back, so I'm back on the treadmill (literally and metaphorically).

Do you have any expensive hobbies? Is there something cheaper we should pick up? Our together hobby is dogs, but pets, well they are ridiculously expensive. Our older dog has to go again to the Vet Opthamologist for eye surgery this week so I"m guessing about $200 at a minimum. Yeah our dogs run us a nice vacation every year.

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