Wednesday, January 31, 2007

February Tracking Spending

Okay, I'm spending our tracking for February just to see if we are overspending. We're right now running in the red mainly because of tuition bills. Yeah, I know it's crazy, but we really need to try and buckle down. I already know I need to fill my car up with gas, and I'm going to use CC to track everything. Hopefully I can get DH to eat out of the pantry a lot, but our spending usually occurs on the weekend when we go grocery shopping. I am also doing this because I need to lose again the 30 lbs I lost and gained back last year.

Do I have goals? Lose 5 lbs this month, eat out less than 8 times this month (DH already has an extremely expensive hockey game he's going to, rink side seat), and hopefully no extra dog expenses. I will probably have to track back every few days. This will be eye opening because I know we're not huge spenders, but maybe I can be even more lean than usual. The toughest part is cash, because where we live cash is a used a lot.

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