Saturday, January 27, 2007

Is life passing me by...part deux

Well earlier in the month I contemplated whether life was passing me by. I thought more, and surprisingly on the Women in Red Message board on MSN found that others were asking the question. When they did and I read through many, many answers, I found another answer within.

That yes life's experiences in my 20s are going by but I'm giving it up for a greater purpose. I am giving it up to have children and be able to stay at home with them if I chose. To provide college for them if I chose. To be able to be secure in affording our home, our cars, our retirement. To be able to raise my children without the stress of worrying over money or debt.

I chose this path, it's different from being able to have a fun, freewheeling life, but I made a conscious decision. I don't know whether this financial sacrifice will be worth it in 30 years, but I am hoping to be so. I am making the best decision possible with information I have in front of at this moment.

So be happy with whatever financial decision you make. It'll have repurcussions to last a lifetime.

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