Thursday, January 11, 2007

Vision Insurance

DH's work provides vision coverage for $120/year per couple. However it only covers up to $115 for contact and $100/year for glasses. In our family I am the only one who needs contacts, and yes I'm looking into Lasik corrective surgery. Unfortunately my vision has been deteriorating still and with pregnancy I'm not sure if I should even get it now. But that's another discussion.

Well the point is that our medical plan covers one eye visit a year with copay so I did that last year, because DH forgot to sign up for vision. Turns out it's not worth the money. It's a hoax and only worth it if two people need coverage. If not we're better off getting the prescription, filling it at Costco, and using a FSA for the tax break. Which is exactly what I did this year. So my contacts will cost us about $80 overall and we don't have to pay for vision.

Sometimes insurance can be such a crock. Tomorrow I'll probably discuss our medical coverage, which is really good coverage for a great price and cover amazing amounts of stuff for pregnancy.

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CW said...

Just a quick note about LASIK... I had it done last week (yay!), so the details are still fresh for me. I remember reading that it can't be done if you're pregnant or expecting to get pregant within the next 6 months. And I believe your vision has to have been stable for at least a year before they like to perform the surgery. Good luck!