Saturday, January 13, 2007

Medical Insurance

Well we pay $48 every two weeks for our blue cross/blue shield PPO coverage for DH and myself through his company. Overall deductible in network is Zero, overall coinsurance maximum in network is Zero.

Now to important stuff family planning is $10 copayment, Infertility treatments $10, Labs and X rays is Zero, Maternity Services is Zero, annual Ob/gyn visit is $10 copay, 1 annual eye exam for $10 copay, well baby is zero. Not to shabby, and much more comprehensive than I would expect. Of course nothing matches what we had from DH's grad school where everything was covered no copay, but I think this is pretty generous medical coverage for little money.

The only issue is that we don't often go to the doctor now so we're currently not using our $600/year benefits. It'd probably be cheaper out of pocket, but when we have kids or are trying to have kids I'm sure that will change. Anyway though our medical insurance is about to get a work out because we're going to go for genetic counseling for DH's retinities pigmenosa. I'll post afterwards what it cost us.

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