Wednesday, January 17, 2007

redeeming air miles

Today I redeemed air miles on United to go home to hawaii. It cost 35k miles from Boston to Honolulu and I still needed to buy another interisland ticket. However I was surprised it was so easy to book at such a late date. I guess the airlines relaxes the seat rules when it's 6 days before you have to leave. They just want to fill the plane and don't care at that point how many people are redeeming miles.

As unfortunate a circumstance it is, it appears that going home so abruptly turned into the best use of our miles. The huge problem is that we have a 10 hour layover on the way back from SFO to BOS. So what can I do? I'm determined to try and get on the earlier flight back, so cross your fingers.

This is a huge relief to me. I am able to see my grandfather before his cremation and stay for his service. Finally a chance to use those stupid air miles which I always rack up but never am able to use.

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