Friday, January 19, 2007

Make easy boarding

Since we're going home we have to board both of our dogs at a kennel. They probably wouldn't do well staying at someone's house, not that we known anyone who could watch them for 5 days. But also they need some sort of companionship and walks. So the place we go to is a private house, 1 hour away from where we live, and costs $30/day for two dogs. That is dirt cheap comparatively speaking.

We used to spend $30/day for our 1 dog at places in the metro area or in San Diego. Can you imagine? Most places keep anywhere from 5-20 dogs a day boarding and they charge $30-$50/night! Wow. Also that's just boarding, it doesn't even include doggie daycare.

Dog daycare costs on an average of $20-30/day just for someone to watch your dog play with other dogs in a playgroup. That's right they just watch your dog have fun. Unbelievable! With two dogs it costs me twice as much, however I have to send them because our new rescue dog needs "socialization". Trust me I think it's stupid, yet with his aggression issues and biting, I can't say it's not money well spent.

Well we're talking about stupid waste of money on pets, I also paid a dog behaviorist to come in an examine our newer rescue Bichon. Yep $200 down the toilet to have a guy come in an evalute my dog's psyche. But back to dog boarding..

So I'm thinking to myself I really ought to start a dog boarding/dog daycare business because imagine the money I could be making staying at home all day. And there is a lot less liability issues involved as opposed to watching someone's kid. Not to mention it's a lot less effort and responsiblity.


Carolyn said...

Go for it! Quit Grad school & open your own doggy day care!
You could make some sweet $$$.

I only pay $9/night per dog for our boarding, so it's not so bad if we have to go out of town, but it does add up.

Chris said...

That depends upon what the dog service does.
The kennel we use when we take go away for a week or so costs us $20/day. However, they walk our dog (and all the others) 3 times a day, not counting feeding and watering them.

Anonymous said...

You really have no idea what the liabilities and customer expectations are in this day and age, do you? Stick with grad school.