Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Amazon is ridiculous...

I hate I attempted to order some stuff online last Thursday 11/28 because I had a $50 gift certificate. I forgot to input the gift certificate code before I pressed the send button. So I tried to input th code afterwards, but it did not appear to have worked.

So I had call me and they told me to immediately cancel the order and reorder the whole order with the gift certificate. I did that and the gift certificate code was no longer working. I was frustrated and again had them call me, and explained about my gift certificate which I hadn't used. So they attempted to "fix" the order.

Turns out they didn't. I got an email on Sunday 12/1, that my order was incomplete and cancelled. Apparently the order was unable to be processed because I hadn't paid for my items. It appears I was not credited the gift certificate amount.

So on Monday night I called and spent almost 2 hours asking about my order.

Another problem I have with is before my items were even shipped, the prices dropped. Ugh. So I got a refund of $50 for the gift certificate. I got a refund of $4.49 for item #1 and $8.04 on item #2 all back on the credit card.

Then the Wok Shop called and ordered directly from them instead. I cannot believe the issues I'm having. This is a reason to use a CC when ordering online rather than hasseling with a debit card and arguing with a bank over all these mistakes.

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Anonymous said...

I order from Amazon all the time and have never had a problem with them.

Barb 1954