Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Festival of Frugality #103

The 103rd Festival of Frugality is up at Plonkee. My post about "how to save money at CVS".

I enjoyed "travelling in your backyard". Although it costs money for me because I like to eat, and I enjoy eating when I go out, not just from my lunch bag.

Also check out "reducing the grocery budget - eat less meat". Nice idea but it won't work for me. My favorite meat is fish and seafood. So it's not cheap. Plus I prefer wild caught fish, it's tastier. I don't like farm raised. And DH loves steak and lamb. So to us, we don't save by increasing veggies with our meats. We just don't eat the meats we love period.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the travel piece also. We do something almost every week in nice weather and even find some places to go to when the weather is a bit raw.


Less Than a said...

Thanks for highlighting my post! As regards eating out vs. packing a lunch, every person decides for themselves what is frugal and what is a splurge. I try to show on my website that travel -- which many consider too expensive -- can be achieved on a smaller budget than many think. What you save on lodging you're welcome to spend on food (or vice versa) or to sack away for your next trip or your kids' orthodontia or wherever your priorities lie. As with every frugal living blog, the point is that frugality gives you MORE options, not fewer (as most people assume), right?

jim ~ mydebtblog.com said...

The link isn't there for the last one. My favorite meat is king crab legs but they are expensive. Second would be steak, and the more common is regular ground beef or boneless chicken. I know meat is not as cheap as other alternatives, but I could not give it up. We still change it up and do pasta from time to time. Grilled cheese also lacks meat and goes well with soup. I can't do the rice and veggies though, it's too boring.