Sunday, December 30, 2007

Vacation Spending

Well I got more real numbers for our trip. Not too bad, not super fantastic. We totally enjoyed ourselves and definitely did everything we wanted to do. Turns out Whistler is ridiculously expensive, but it's a resort area so they charge double what normal places charged. But by sharing meals we saved quite a lot of money while still going out. And I didn't gain weight over our holiday which is HUGE! I'm so excited. Normally I gain 10 lbs from a week of eating out but not this time.

Anyway we spent $667 on eating for the two of us for the week. About $84/day or $42/per person. Not bad. I had to average it out because we spent the majority of our $ in Whistler while Vancouver we spent about half as much.

So our running total for the trip turned out to be

Whistler $1062
Vancouver hotel $269
Dog Boarding $300
Airline Ticket $90
Food $667
Transportation $208 - $150 to/from Whistler by bus, 2 day passes for Vancouver
Gifts $50
Total - $2646 for 8 days

Now I'm happy that we came out about $500 less than I "budgeted" for. The biggest savings came from us not entering as many sights as we normally do. Many were closed so instead we walked the city, Stanley Park, the harbour, all free. If the Canucks had been in town we would have watched a game.

I know most people don't count in dog boarding in the cost of the trip as well, but to me that's a cost that always has to be considered. I think without it we might be more in line with what people spend on vacation. $300/day for hotel, food, transportation, shopping.

Now I'm off to pay for the spending portion of our trip. I have to admit it was relaxing knowing that the majority of it was already paid for.

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