Sunday, December 02, 2007

Net Worth Update November 2007

Well it's been a terrible month for investments. We lost money in our retirement accounts and taxable investements. Our networth dropped by a lot, even though we of course contributed $1250 to 401k, paid $697 in our mortgage, and $400 was applied to our credit card last month (2 payments of $200). So overall we lost 1.26% of networth or -$2778. My only hope is that we are able to make it up this December. Though that seems unlikely. Well we have to keep on trudging. For everyone else I hope you had a better month than what we did.

As far as spending went we had a higher than average month. We spent $377 on groceries, $178 on dining out, $93 on gas, $234 on entertainment, $1222 on travelling. The groceries was a higher than average month probably because of Thanksgiving. We've been pretty good at keeping out eating out to under $200/month recently. For some reason we spent less than half on gas, I think because our roommate used the car and filled up the tank for us so that would explain the missing $30/tank.

Entertainment included buying a $99 car stereo for my corolla, mario galaxy, and ipod stereo for DH. Not bad. The travelling expenses are for next month's trip. We're spending $90 on tickets, $1132 on hotel for 4 nights + 3 days skiing in Whistler, Canada.

Overall not a terrible month, but I wish our investments were doing better.

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