Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Senseo for Free!


This is a phenomenal deal. It will cost you $15 to get a new Senseo. All you are paying for is shipping and handling. The machine itself is free for completing the survey.

Of course that's not how the company is making money. Much like ink jet printers which manufacter's practically give away, the real cost comes from buying the coffee bags. Yep, buying the pods are somewhat expensive. However, I think it's worthwhile if you are in a household, like mine where only DH drinks coffee. It's so wasteful to try and make large amounts to only throw it away.

Because of this DH will only have cofffee at work. But this machine is great. It also makes tea.

We got it today, and tried it out. A day late for DH's birthday, but still he loves it.


Hilary Baumann said...

Have you seen the reusable pods? Senseo obviously doesn't sell them but you can find them online a few places. Look for the Melitta Padfilter or the Ecopad. Should save you some money and also allow you to use your favorite coffee in the senseo. I personally haven't used either of these but they have good reviews (I have no Senseo but I may be getting one in the near future thanks to you posting that survey link!) :)

Anonymous said...

LAL-a question-have you used your Senseo yet? How is it? How's the coffee? I've been approved for the offer BUT will I be charged every month for something? Or is it a one time $15 charge?

Living Almost Large said...

It is a $15 one time shipping and handling charge for the machine. The coffee is nice. DH loves it. It is perfect because it makes one cup of coffee in the morning for him and that's it. We never waste anything.

The expense? Is buying the pods, about 20 cents/pod = 20 cents/cup of coffee.

I have seen the reusable pods, but I'm not sure I really want to make my own. It's not a bad investment, but I'm not sure i want to spend the time making pods.

Other cheap pods I heard from a friend is @ Amazon the Gala pods. 216 Gala pods for $35 and she LOVES them. But they drink a lot more coffee than just 1 small cup a day.

Also a cup is 4 oz. So it's not a bad deal, but not the normal 8 oz I think people expect. Still it's one of the cheaper pod makers.

I think if I drank coffee I'd be more likely to use a cheaper machine and cheaper grounds. But for 1 cup a day and it takes 90 seconds to heat the water? I'll live with spending 20 cents in the morning for DH to jump in the car and go.