Thursday, August 16, 2007

Baseball game

We went to a baseball game yesterday, and it was awesome. First one we've ever been to at Fenway. Lovely! But holy cow the tickets were super expensive for crappy seats. No wonder it's the most expensive seats in the major league. Fortunately DH won the tickets in a lottery at work or else I doubt we could have swallowed paying $45/seat for a pair of tickets.

On top of that we only bought 1 soda for the bargain price of $4. We had a quick burger beforehand, and went to a pub to have a beer afterwards. Decided to cheap out since it was an afternoon game.

The people in front of us were just downing the beers. They were also from DH's company which gave away 50 tickets/day for the Red Sox's 8/13-8/15 home series. A beer cost $7/pop for Bud, which is quite expensive. Granted it was a hot day but I don't think I could be downing beers at that price. I had trouble even buying a soda.

But for a sport that has 180 games and most stadiums have $5-10 cheap seats usually, Fenway is unique for the prices of it's tickets. NY charges more for the concessions and extras, but Fenway's tickets are the most expensive in the US because it's the smallest park with one of the largest fan bases. So the ambiance was nice and the game was exciting.

Would I go again? I don't know, my cheapskate soul says probably not, but I'm glad we had the opportunity to catch a game at Fenway and see the big green monster. We have to try to catch a Patriot's game and a Celtics game. I have a feeling the Patriots may be too out of our league.

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