Thursday, August 02, 2007 review

Okay after last night's dinner I decided that is definitely not worth it for us. We've used two certificates in NE, and a few places in SD. When we lived in SD it was definitely hit or miss and we only used the certificates on specific places we had tried before.

Out here, we decided to try a new places, and it turns out? It's soooo not worth it. What a huge waste of money. Last night we went to an italian place Ricardo's and had a $25 certificate. After tax and tip it still cost us $20. So the dinner out cost $23 with the $3 gift certificate we purchased from Which sounds like a fabulous deal in the city, but honestly, I wouldn't pay $20 to go the restuarant.

Our meals were $19 Calamari Linguini and $21 Gnocchi Spazza and it was overpriced. The food was not good, the bread was cheap, and the service average. I think it would have been better tasting food if we had gone to Olive Garden to be honest.

Our previous meal again cost about $23 after tip, tax, certificate and it was terrible. The service was the best part of the meal. We had gone to an Asian fusion restaurant and the fish dishes we ordered was overcooked. Hence we've decided to not use again.

Though we have one more certificate bought super cheap, I can guess the food will not be worth it. I think the problem with is that these are restaurants in good areas which are bad. Thus they need to drum up more business, so they participate in Thus I've decided it's not worth spending $20 on a meal you don't enjoy. Yuck.

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Anonymous said...

I've personally had pretty good experiences with coupons. You buy them really cheap and you get to try out many restaurants that you ordinarily won't go if you had to pay full price.

Granted, there are restaurants I went to where I didn't like the food, many restaurants where the food was average/fairly good, and some restaurants where the food was absolutely terrific. It just depends on what restaurants you choose. If you only go to 2 and have terrible experiences, it doesn't mean ALL places are terrible, just the ones you decided to go to. Now, I can understand if you went to 10 or 20 restaurants and they were all bad, but if you only go to a few, that's just the same as walking by a restaurant and deciding to go there for the first time. It might be good, it might suck. Just depends on the restaurant.

Go check out the restaurant website and/or reviews online before purchasing the coupon and going. Then you'll have a better idea if that place is worth going to.