Friday, August 10, 2007

Tax Free Shopping

Tomorrow and Sunday are tax free shopping day. This is our chance to save 5%. Is it a big deal? Not really, but since we were buying the sofa, gas fireplace anyway I'll jump on the chance to save 5% on purchase I would have made otherwise.

We have to call in tomorrow to get the tax removed from the sofa, because it was a "pre-order" finalized when we call in tomorrow. Then we'll buy our $2800 gas fireplace and that's a savings of $140 in taxes on top of the $60 from the couch. We also are buying a bedroom set for $1k, so we'll save another $50 there. So just those little savings add up.

I wonder would others wait and plan on buying things at the same time? We have been planning the fireplace since May, but have been slow in moving forward. But we had to do it this summer before the next winter. After all last January our pipes frozen and burst even with the heat on!

Also the couch we wanted but hadn't bothered shopping for it. But with our new roomie and my parents visiting the need for a bigger couch became more pressing. Plus we had a coupon so everything seemed to be pushing us to the direction to buy things now. So I guess I'll take our money and just save an extra 5% on things we normally would have bought.

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