Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Financial Update

Hmm.....I guess I should a few things. One I don't like spending money more than the another person. So I like to complain about it here on the blog because I wouldn't do it in real life. Money talk is weird in real life.

Two, couple of misconceptions also need to be cleared up. I did not finance furniture because I couldn't afford it. I can but I wanted to use a coupon and I had to use the store CC to do it. They gave me 0% financing for 1 year so I decided to use it. I haven't made my first payment yet so maybe I'll pay it off since I have so many people online whining about it.

Second, my DH goes to a private MBA because where we live there are mostly private universities. This costs part-time $30k/year, which is what we spent for 2 semesters and 2 summer sessions. Yes we borrowed $8500 but we paid the rest cash out of pocket. And yes we're borrowing another $8500. So maybe I should be exceptionally frugally and not eat out again until the day he graduates and stretch our food budget thinner. But to be honest I don't want to.

What is the financial plan? Well miraculously I've been thinking about that, if we paid the school loans at the same rate we're paying for his tuition now we can pay off his school loans in less than 1 year. Chances are we might be in the position to pay them off within 6 months.

I'll know more as we both get closer to graduating and our real income is known. What I do know? We max out retirement savings, we eat out, we try to carefully buy furniture and big ticket items, and we try to care for our condo so it doesn't fall into shambles. We make a nice income but we also live in a very expensive area.

We're trying our best together to move forward and get ahead. I have no idea if we'll make it and I don't think it will be easy certainly. But at least we're trying. Maybe debt free lifestyle would be best, but I think that we're setting ourselves up to get jobs that make us happy and fufilled and will provide a stable financial basis.

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