Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dental Update

Ugh...Followup after my letter to them the dental office responded. The dental office said they had no documentation about my change in insurance providers. Obviously my word is not good enough so I am having a letter from BCBS and Delta stating the date of coverage termination and initiation. It will be pretty obvious that we changed 6/30/07 coverage as I told them over the phone.

Second they said that they DO NOT get preapproval of work done from the insurnae provider. They said I was misinformed by the DD representative (word for word from the letter). DD representative said that a pretreatment form should have been submitted and both the dental office and myself would receive copies of the coverage. Thus I would be aware of the charges and it would be approved. However this is for Delta in-network providers only. Thus the dental office was correct in stating they didn't need to because they were not in-network providers. However they should have informed me they were not an in-network provider.

Thus I had a broken an appointment and they were charging us for broken appointment $350. And the carryover fee was to be applied to future visits so they did not have to return the money to me from 2 years ago.

In the letter the office did not state that I had to pay the $350, though they did state they had a right to charge for a failed appointment. Thus they charged for 2 hours of time at $175. Does this mean I owe them the $350? I plan on determining exactly what I should pay for the cancelled appointment. I wonder if I keep arguing with them they'll just let it go? Or if it's already been let go?

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