Monday, August 13, 2007

Tax Free Weekend Spending

So how'd we do as far as savings go? I think we did pretty well.

We bought the sofa official on Sunday for $1194. We used a $100 coupon and 0% financing, they went hand in hand. The store mailed the coupons with their catalog and to be used with their CC. It was officially expired but they did us the favor since we were "loyal" customers. This is th first and only time we shopped there. Our neighbors gave us the coupon. The $1194 included $99 for delivery and $103 for scotchgard warranty. Trust me we'll use it with two dogs. So the actual price of the sofa was $992. Not a bad deal.

Second we purchased our valor Legend G3 fireplace. Total cost was $2709 including face, unit, installation, chimney liner, etc. The unit alone was $2109 and $600 for installation. We shopped around at 4 different stores and this was the best deal overall for installation and unit purchase. However it turns out well be spending a lot more because of other issues.

Third we purchased our bedroom set from IKEA for $667 - $25 coupon for a grand total of $642. This included the bed, two nightstands, and chest of dressers. It should last until we move out of here, and because it's assembled furniture we were able to get it up the stairs although we are somewhat worried about having to disassemble to get it down.

Finally we bought a shopvac from home depot for $69 - 10% discount = $62. This was a necessary purchase for the installation of our fireplace. I guess I'll discuss our financial options later.

So we spent $2709 + $1194 + $642 +$62 = $4607 tax free. That means we saved $230.35. Is it a lot? I guess so, it's enough to have paid for the shopvac and some of the bedroom set. But it really made me feel better about purchasing all of the items that we have wanted and planned on buying this year. The only impulse purchase might have been the shopvac, but it turns out that as we work on the gas fireplace it'll be necessary.


Anonymous said...

You spent a lot of money, regardless of the tax $$ you saved. Glad you could do it.

We put in a fireplace insert but we bought a used one and it cost us just $900 for the unit plus installation. It also had a fan on it that heated the whole entire house.

I only buy floor model furniture, I pay cash and get always a 25% discount.


Living Almost Large said...

boomie, where do you live? We went to 4 different stores and no one would sell a floor model. We can only fit 1! gas fireplace insert the one we bought. And even then we have to cut our surround because it doesn't fit.

Second, we have a 3 story house with the furnance in the attic. This is just for the bottom floor, it will not be able to heat with radiant heat the whole house. Also our chimeny is almost 50 ft so the liner is ridiculously expensive and he gave me a more reasonable price on the chimney liner instead of a discount.

Third, I asked for a cash discount (already in checking) the guy say no. I checked with the other retailers and they said no.

Please Boomie tell me how to get discounts with cash when everytime I ask they say no! I do not like using CC if I'd get a discount, but they will not do it. Or else come up here and negotiate with these people for me. I would love a 25% discount! I offer to buy floor models but two stores didn't have it and the other two wouldn't sell it.

Please give me tips on how to save even more money. I have the cash on hand and I even flash it at the store. But it doesn't appear to be working. I get so frustrated every time someone online say flash cash, I do and NADA!

Maybe it depends on where you live?

Anonymous said...

New York! We are born negotiating. Our moms have to negotiate with the docs as soon as we are pulled out into the world. Negotiate for a good school, an apartment, a home, a seat on the bus.
What you have in NH in New England frugal. They never budge.
Did you try Craig's list? The Penny Saver? Local ads?
I have ALWAYS gone into a retail store and negotiated lower prices, floor models (they even repair any fixes for free) AND I ALWAYS get a big cash discount.
They won't give you a discount, ask for their manager or just plain walk out. They should at least lower the cost by 4% for cash because that is what they have to pay to the charge companies.
Did you try Bob's Discount-they are located in Mass???? Search for him on the internet.
Ikea will NOT give you a discount. Small stores will!
Learn to ask "Is that your best price?"

Living Almost Large said...

I have asked and I talked with the owners! I did not like the sofa's a bob's discount furniture I used Jordan's. Probably why they won't discount.

Second I already looked at craigslist/pennysaver, but like I mentioned, ONLY 1 gas insert will fit into our fireplace because it's a 1880s victorian renovated into condos.

I am not willing to walk away from installation after shopping around unless you want my pipes to burst. Which happened this January 29th. This is why we are determined to fix it asap this summer no matter what the cost. It cost more to fix the $30k damages to the condo below.