Sunday, August 26, 2007

Vacation Time

I read that the US has the lowest amount of time off in the westernized countries. The average time off is 13 days/year. However most people start out with an average of 8.9 days/year. This is about half what most European countries allow their workers.

I get an uncounted number of days off a year being a student. I make my own schedule, as long as my work gets done and I'm not abusing the system. However DH gets I think a pretty generous amount of time off.

In his last company he got 4 weeks or 20 days/year. Currently however he gets 15 days or 3 weeks/year with an opportunity to take 5 days or 1 week unpaid. The 1 week is deducted off his salary with every paycheck and if he doesn't use the 5 extra days it's paid out at the end of the year. I think he's super fortunate to be able to even take 20 days/year. However he is only allowed to rollover 5 days/year or else he loses the vacation days.

Also DH gets a very generous 4 personal days a year as well. These are use it or lose it type of days. He also gets I believe 12 days of holiday as well. So basically he gets 15+4+12 = 31 days year. Plus unlimited sick days, with anything longer than 3 days with a doctor's note.

Also he gets 2 weeks of paternity leave. I thought this rather amusing. But very generous. So in all I think DH gets a very generous amount of time off considering the typical corporate vacation policies.

What do most people get?


Fabulously Broke in the City said...

Officially, I get 3 weeks a year.

But there are times when I am benched, and I've gotten up to almost 2 months "off" on the bench (not good for company, good for me).

I also get 4 floater holidays to use whenever I want, usually meant to extend a long weekend for example.

Plus actual Canadian holidays, which are another 8 days.

And unpaid leaves of absences (personal, religious, etc) if I wanted.

But for paid time off, at minimum, I get 27 days.

Then add on bench time + personal days (pending manager approval) + unlimited sick days (no need for doctor's notes if you're benched. If you are on client site, you need to explain to the client and PM why you aren't on site, but they're okay with it, as long as it doesn't hinder the project end date)

Wow. I didn't know I got so many days off.. I just took them for granted :\ Thanks for the eye opening post...

I know as we get older and rise in the ranks, the maximum (I think) is 5-6 weeks vacation + benched time + floater days + holidays + personal time.

Living Almost Large said...

Canadians get a lot of time off. Americans are infamous for not having much time off, but I think DH get an overly generous amount of time in the US.

Meimur said...

After a year of working with the company, I will get 1 week of vacation a year for the first 3 years with the company, then I get 2 weeks off a year. Then after 5 years with the company, I get 3 weeks vacation.