Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Gas Fireplace insert

So the cost of the gas insert into our fireplace will be $2800 + $1000 for plumbing. But it will probably run more because we have to take off the mantle and do some demolition work.

Unfortunately the gas line is not necessarily right below our fireplace. If it was it would cost $500 to run the gas line to the fireplace. But instead again our condo is giving us headaches because we can't figure out where our gas lines are. I do realize that we will not really be saving a ton of money by doing this, but I do feel we will more efficiently heat our home. Also we will be able to heat our bottom floor to a reasonable temperature during the winter instead of 50F. Even at 50F we have space heaters going to help the furnance.

Another small financially issue is that running water lines to the backyard from the crawl space could be a problem. Because of the construction of the third unit we apparently lost common space. Very frustrating.

And tonight we need to get moving forward on our retaining wall. So all in all our house is costing us a fortune. arrgh. I wish I had a single family so all the cost would be ours sure, but we'd be kings and not have to wrestle with neighbors agreeing to do the work!.

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