Friday, August 31, 2007

Paying for College Poll Results

The results from the poll are in.

11% (3 people) said No way to paying for college
23% (6 people) said Yes, Unconditionally paying for college
30% (8 people) said Yes, but with grade conditions
34% (9 people) said Maybe, depends on finances

Very neat and interesting. I am pretty sure we're going to pay for college for our kids 100%. But it will require certain grade conditions be meet. DH is firmly that college is their job, like it was for him. Mine were conditioned on grades but my parents paid and I had a job to pay for my own expenses.

If I had to answer the poll though, I'd say maybe depending on finances. I think right now we'll be able to afford it, but who knows what the future holds. We could die, become disabled, or ill. So I would really like to help my children and I've already started saving a small amount for them, but I do realize that you can't plan out your life so thoroughly.

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