Sunday, June 24, 2007

Are pet expenses also travel expenses?

Well someone posted that $1k is a lot to spend a couple of days away. I tend to agree, I won't know for a few more days exactly what we spent because we charged a lot and I'm not sure what the exchange rate on the CC will turn out to be.

But one expense I'm not sure other people count but I do is dog boarding. I don't know if this is common or uncommon, to others they don't include it as a travel expense. But to us every time we travel something has to happen to our two Bichons. So I always use it when figuring out what we're doing for our travel plans. This time we got off cheap and only spent $120. That's not a bad deal for 4 days. We usually spend more but our normal person was booked solid.

Is pet care considered an expense of travelling? I guess we'd get off cheaper if we didn't have to figure it in. Is getting a house sitter or pet sitter considered an expense of traveling?

Should I calculate it into any weekend away? I am just mulling it over tonight.

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