Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cost to entertain?

What does it cost you to entertain friends/family at your house? These past two weekends we've had bbqs at our house. Which was awesome and fun. I love entertaining, but my pocketbook says not.

We had about 6-10 people both times. Not a huge party, but not tiny either. We also did provide everything and did not do a potluck. I grew up with my parents entertaining a lot and going over to my families houses a lot. So I just like having people over because I enjoy it.

But I calculated and each time I think we spent about $75-100. Doesn't sound like a lot but it adds up really fast. Buying extra meat/food not on sale, but what I feel like providing. Also buying extra beer/wine for people coming over.

Is this outrageous? What is the average cost of entertaining at your house? Of course it's cheaper than going out unless you only pay for yourself. But I enjoy also relaxing at home. It's fun. Also this past weekend we went over to a friends house as well where I was observing their hosting and figured they too spent $50-100 easily on everything even with a potluck.

Because I have fun doing it, I don't mind. But I do feel a bit guilty for blowing our grocery budget. Do others feel this way?

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