Friday, June 01, 2007

Cable Decision

So now that we're switching our cable/internet/phone to Verizon, RCN has discovered this because we're porting our phone number. So we got 3 desperate phone calls from RCN attempting to retain our business. RCN is not willing to give us a new deal. Apparently when I mentioned leaving I didn't sound serious enough last week. Why do companies do such things? Why not just put your best deal forward? I read somewhere that it costs 5x more to signup new clients than just retain your current clients.

So on Friday I decided to play Verizon against RCN. I asked for their best deals, and got better than expected offers from both. I was offered by RCN 2 HD-DVR receivers, free premium movie packages, free long distance, and one month free for $110/month. Not bad. But then I called Verizon and they offered me FIOS internet, cable, and phone with free long distance, multi-room HD-DVR, second box, free premium movie channel, free first month, and a 2 year guarantee price. What price? $99/month for all of that, what a nice deal. Thus I decided to stick with Verizon.

So turns out that cancelling my directv isn't as big a deal as it would seem since I get a free first month. I only wish I could do this with car insurance. But living in MA, because drivers are so bad the state has to regulate car insurance otherwise it would be too unaffordable. But that's another post.


Anonymous said...

Good job!! You go girl!

Living Almost Large said...

Thank you. I lived apart from DH for 2 years without cable, but I think it would kill DH. After all hockey only is shown on cable. But it's a small price to pay for marital happiness, him watching hockey and me alone time!