Thursday, June 28, 2007

Guests Costs

Sigh, my FIL is coming this weekend. Fortunately it's only one week. Problem? I so have to clean the house!!! What am I doing sitting here writing on my blog? I'm stupid.

Then I find out about 5 minutes ago DH's best friend (FK) is coming to live with us July 12th. Right-o. Guess I really gotta clean our house again. Couple of things, he doesn't like dogs, but he has no choice in the matter since our dogs are family. Second at best I'm a poor housekeeper, at worse I'm an utter slob.

What does having guests costs? Well for one thing more utilities. I usually don't turn on the heat or A/C very easily. With guests I suppose we have to. Also more food to feed these presumed guests.

DH has decided to make me the "Bad" guy. Meaning he's going to tell his buddy you can't live with us forever rent free because of ME, the spouse. Yep I'm about to get the bad cop label.

But seriously how long can guests stay before you charge them rent? I've already cleared space in the guest room and closet for FK. I've put out towels, he's going to use our washing machine, A/C, TV, etc.

To best honest, sure it could be nice financially to split our bills 3 ways instead of DH and I shelling out everything, but we've never really enjoyed having people stay with us extended periods of time. Of course we're also not great about telling people to pay up. My BIL has lived with us extended amounts of time, and to summarize DH "Next time he want to 'stay' I'm locking up all the cupboards, charging him $15 a meal."

DH's bro sort of was lazy when he first moved out on his own. He didn't like to grocery shop, he didn't like to spend money, he hated cooking. So he'd come over eat our food, look through our cabinets, and literally "shop". He'd fill up his condiments at our house, ask me for spare, bring his laundry over so he could wash it at our house because he didn't like trucking it to his facilities. Sigh (you can't kick out siblings easily, nor parents).

But we made it. I have am in for a rough summer. Either we'll have greatly increased expenses or greatly decreased expenses.

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