Saturday, June 09, 2007

Doctors are crooks!

Yesterday I took the day off from work to go to the eye doctor and dentist. I needed a second opinion on my teeth, which I am still unsure about and new prescription for contacts.

So I went to a vision service provider, which I got from the insurance website. I booked an eye exam and went in. Once there, I got examined and then was told they don't allow insurance to cover contact lens fitting. I said well how much? They replied $300. WTF? Last year when insurance paid it only cost $40 out of pocket and that was because I wear toric lenses. Well apparently this opthamologist is a SCAM artist. He decided that contact lenses are cosmetic thus he need only accept to write glasses prescriptions. And thus he can charge people for contact lens fittings.

I said "no thank you," took my glasses prescription and walked out. I was pissed. I called the insurance company the moment I left and was told yes I could have gotten a contacts fitting, but since he did the glasses I couldn't complain because he had meet the MINIMUM standard and it was his choice to not accept insurance for contacts. WTF? Apparently it's bait and switch tactic at the doctor's office where they think you'll be to hassled to make a fuss and just pay! The guy is a jerk. I was really pissed and more pissed at the insurance company for allowing someone to behave like this.

Frustrating. Doctor's think they are God. They think that they are able to behave however they see fit. But what they are not understanding is that the medical system I think is due for a huge change and it's going to happen faster than they expect. What? Well for one thing it only cost $99 at Costco for an eye exam and contacts fitting. Next time since it's so cheap I'll just go there. Plus I annually order my contacts from costco.

But I can't believe the sleeziness of this doctor. Trying to rip people off who don't want to come back by saying that he'll only write glasses prescriptions. I guess I'll show my true blue colors and say I'm a die-hard socialized medicine supporter. arrgh.

$300 for just contact lens fitting! Pshaw! I can buy all my contacts for that much.


Anonymous said...

I go to Wal Mart for a $50 eye exam and $36 for plastic bifocal lenses in my own frame. Wal Mart posts the lenses at $129 but since I used to be an optician, I know better! I had to specifically request the plastic, flat top lense WITHOUT the scratch-guard crap, anti-reflective bulls***, yada, yada.
My brother was an ophthalmologist but gave up his practice at the age of 58 because he could no longer afford mal-practice insurance, HMO reimbursements, medicare and other insurance payments and pay himself PLUS the rent and staff. The world lost a good dr. My brother specialized in restoring sight to people who used to be blind. He had to give up his medical practice plus all the tuition my parents paid for him to be a doctor is wasted.
Want socialized medicine? Go to Europe and take a good look at the people. Especially their teeth. They all clamour for American doctors.
I think this eye dr you went to yes, was just looking to make a buck. We have to ask first and then pay later.
I don't have eye or dental coverage anymore. It's tough but thank goodness for Wal Mart, Costco and other big companies.
Some sort of socialized medicine is probably necessary. We've got a new breed of doctors graduating. They aren't in it for the money.
Just my 2 cents.

Living Almost Large said...

My dad used to perform surgery for free, taking no money on patients without insurance. My mom would find medical care for people without money, so yes I grew up in an environment where socialized medicine is looked at as a necessity. I married a Canadian who also belives in a minimum level of health. Also DH and I both work in health related industries.

The truth is the US has the highest rate of obesity, the lowest life expectancy, and the highest mortality. What is this from? Well we don't have enough primary care physicians. So the preventative care for people is ignored. If we had more primary care we would not have people without insurance not going to the doctor, and ignoring potentially costly mistakes.

Also my dad lost money these past 5 years practicing money. I know with overhead, malpractice, the money is lost. When you pay $60k/year malpractice how much are you really making? Working on call?

Teeth? Well teeth don't kill you. Try not having insurance and not knowing you are spreading AIDS. Not knowing that transmitting HCV. Not getting vaccines for HPV. Not getting Hep A/B vaccines.

Where we live there was a measles outbreak at the university. Who doesn't get a measles vaccine? What is going on here?

I don't trust dentists either. I need a third opinion because the first dentist wants to do a lot of work. The second dentist wants to cut me up for just a little work. Hmm..third times a charm?

Living Almost Large said...

Also my insurance covered writing the prescription, but this doctor was being a crook.

And $300 for a contacts fitting when Costco charges $99 for exam and fitting is a rip. And at Walmart it would cost for my fitting $135, I called and asked without an exam. I wear toric lenses.

Medicated Money said...

I agree with you that THIS particular doctor sounds like he is "taking advantage" of his patients (and I am sure that his practice reflects this compared to a solid practitioner), but I think you are painting a fairly poor picture with a broad brush by stating "Doctors think they are God."

IMO, the problem is that American's have the best medical options available to them in the history of mankind, however, get upset about spending money on it. Add up one’s medical expenses over the course of year, and I would be willing to bet that the average American spends more money on their cars, homes, and lifestyle than on healthcare. Yet, can you say that any of these things are more important than your health.

You now know to never use this physician’s service again, and for that, he will suffer by losing you as a patient.

Although there are many problems, what is great about American healthcare is that you, the patient, have the choice that is going to treat you. Try finding that in socialized medicine!

Just my IMO


Anonymous said...

you said:
The truth is the US has the highest rate of obesity, the lowest life expectancy, and the highest mortality. What is this from?

It's from bad eating habits NOT the doctors. Read the ingredients of fast food, packaged foods and that will tell you why americans are fat, sick and dying young.
doctor can only treat a disease. people smoke like chimneys.
todays youth isn't going to live as long as their parents because of these poor health and eating habits. NOT the problem of a dr or dentist.
How can there be enough primary car doctors if HMOs and insurance companies DON'T pay them enough!
doctors are so heavily sued it's a wonder we have any of them at all!
Teeth WILL kill you. Look inside someones mouth and you will know all regarding their health. Do you think a mouth full of cavities and sores is a healthy person? what about floride in the water.
I can go on and on.
pay the price, be thankful you are fortunate to even have a doctor to go to and be thankful you have the money to even pay.
how'd you like to be living in dafur????

Living Almost Large said...

Medicated Money, I hope you are a doctor. Why socialized medicine? Because the US is a capitalistic society where the people who can afford medical can get treated. What about those peeople who work for Walmart? Or small companies without medical insurance? They work 40 hours a week, but to buy regular insurance is too expensive. So they go WITHOUT. I know many people IRL and online who say they cannot afford a $600/month premium. So INSTEAD of getting preventative care, they wait until something catastrophic happens and it costs a fortune, then they go BK. The number cause of BK is medical costs.

So if there were a minimum level of care in the US, maybe there wouldn't be so much people in dire medical and financial trouble? And this occurs when they have lapses in coverage and are unable to afford the care/insurance. So Medicated money, think carefully that if we all paid 5% more in taxes, which is what they pay in Canada, UK, and a few other countries, then perhaps we could afford a minimum level of care. And being the US we could still tier the system such that "Rich" people can still afford to pay for better care. You should read the book "Brave New World" cause that's where we are headed with PGD (preimplatation genetic diagnosis).

Anonymous, I have low blood pressue, low cholesterol, pretty decent health, but I have terrible teeth because genetically my teeth are weak and I grind them. So how is my having bad teeth a sign? My doctor even mentioned my HDL levels are very high which is awesome.

Now if we had more people going to primary care physicians at the lowest levels of income for free, perhaps we would catch things like obesity, diabetes, etc early? Hmm...before I worry about Dafur perhaps I'd better worry about the future of people in my own country, the fact that more and more people are becoming uninsured? Perhaps the fact that we're spiraling out of control debt. Maybe instead of trying to be peace keepers of the world, the US needs to focus on our own issues? Great, I live in westernized country, but do you anonymous? I'm not ashamed of it, but I do believe that doctors are becoming crooks.

I also believe that they are the reason the medical system is due to a major overhaul, and both my parents agrees doctors do have God Complexes. Show me one that doesn't?

Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that our system is not changing due to the many people who have misconceptions about socialize medicine. I know it's not perfect but our U.S. system and Insurers put profits before people's lives, end of story. Imagine if firefighters didn't put out a fire if you didn't have the proper insurance, or if cops didn't come to your rescue if you didn't have the right insurance. Fire and Police are funded via tax dollars, so should medicine.

twilight zone said...

I was misdiagnosed after a pharmacertical overdose. The receptionists made fun of me and refused to give me copies of my bloodwork. And I had paid cash for the visit.