Tuesday, June 19, 2007

weekend getaway goals

Woohoo! We're going away for the weekend. I can't believe it. DH is finally going to take a day off not to study or work on the house. Instead this Thursday we take off for Toronto. Though it's just a weekend away we'll be spending I guessimate about $1k for the entire weekend.

Our hotels already booked through priceline cost $307.30 including all taxes for the weekend. Not terrible, not great, but we are staying in downtown Toronto walking distance to everything and next to a T stop. So I think we're getting a decent deal.

Next for gas it's 542 miles, so 550 miles one way. 1100 miles round trip makes me think it will take about 4 tanks of gas, 1 tank = 300 miles. That will cost about $120. I'm not sure how to calculate the wear and tear on my car, but I'll need an oil change when I get back. Then the dog boarding is another $120 for the 4 days. Right now we're running at $550.

Can we spend $350 on eating out for 4 days? I don't think so but we were planning on going to niagara falls and riding the maid of the mist ($12.50 per person), the CN tower ($25 per person), hockey hall of fame ($13 per person), and cathing a baseball game at the skydome ($10 per person). So in activities I guess we'll be spending about $120 for the weekend, leaving us $230 to eat out for 2 people.

Can we do it? I guess we'll see, I'm posting it here, because I plan on pricing our trip and seeing how we do. I think we can do it, but it really depends on whether we feel like indulging in our trip or not.

I'm guessing that we'll easily spend $230 which makes me sort of feel guilty, yet not at the same time. We've had a lot of extravagent trips these past two years and now we're back in student mode, no money and no time. Sigh. Maybe we can make the best of it.

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Moneymonk said...

Awww, that's so sweet. Just the two of you. 1K is kinda steep for the weekend but looking at all the activities, you guys will be busy.

We flew to Jamaica for a long weekend and it cost us less than that. 2 plane tix =435 and hotel was $400. but eating out in jamaica was very cheap!