Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Belated Birthday Present!

Yes I got my birthday present finally. We decided with our upcoming trip we would purchase a GPS. I was tempted to instead ask for a bedroom set, but that's on permenant disability long story.

So instead I get a GPS system. I got a Garmin Nuvi 350 for $360. DH "paid" $180 of it for my present, the rest I decided to use my birthday money from. Yes I still get birthday money, I don't expect it at all, my aunt, grandma, and mom sent me money. I guess they just like to give gifts. I did mention to my mom about the GPS, which is probably why she sent the money. Now I'm going to have order her one too, usually when we buy something like this our parents want the same deals. Hence they same computers, same digital camera, etc. And not just one set but both sets of parents.

The GPS should be awesome. I wonder if I should feel guilty over the price of such an expensive gift. But then again last year I got a $300 b-day present that keeps sucking money every month so this is a steal. In case you missed it last year I got a second Bichon Frise for my birthday. He costs about $75/month for everything so it's a continual drain of money. Good thing I like him a lot! Though he was my most expensive present ever, and still is. I think he brings relaxation and pleasure to us both though. And we got him for a good price because he is a rescue dog but purebred. We aren't keen on buying purebred dogs when there are tons out there for adoption. For reference we used for our first bichon, and for our second bichon.

What is the most expensive present you ever got? DH got an ipod a couple of years ago and hockey ticket this year. I'm not sure what we're going to do this year for him. I'm thinking maybe another hockey ticket or something. His toys have always been more expensive in general, but when I want something (like a dog) my one "gift" blows his out of the water.

But I'll let everyone know how it goes this weekend. I am dying to rip open the package but I'll wait until DH gets home to set it up before he yells at me for breaking it or something.


Anonymous said...

I just got my husband a GPS. It's a Garmin eTrex for $149. Does Marine and streets. I got it for his boat. I have a dog also. Cost me nothing. She was abandoned 11 years ago. I spend $57 a year on a summer trim for her, $15 a month on dog food and $135 for her annual vet visit.
I spent $4400 on a 15 day european vacation for hubby and myself. That came out to $1100 every 7 & 1/2 days, airfare, food and sightseeing included.

Fabulously Broke in the City said...

A digital camera, on sale :) About $300. Although I do use it a lot...

j2r said...

I got my lady a GPS for $199 (it was $299 on sale for $199 at Circuit City)

Living Almost Large said...

Excellent usage of our GPS this weekend. We had a blast. I'm going to use it on a long trip in September for DC and Ohio.