Thursday, June 07, 2007

Company update

So a couple of things about DH's job situation. He took the new job, but it may be for the best. Today he got a very strange email at work asking that if anyone was taking time off next week please contact HR. Very strange indeed. He thinks and others have hinted that potentially layoffs are coming. And if they are coming, sure he could have stayed and collected severance, but this way he beats the rush in looking for a new job. When a ton of resumes are hitting the market, it's better to beat them and not look desperate. This way the company hiring DH was under the impression that he did not have to leave his company if he didn't want to. This makes the deal he got even sweeter.

I guess I should also mention the whole compensation and why it's a paycut but it's not at the same time. First he got a nice $10k raise in salary. But he is giving up a bunch of company stock. We're going to leave about $40k on the table, plus potentially another 10k in bonus next year. But the company he's going to hopefully will give him a generous bonus as well next year. But a huge selling point is the company will be reimbursing him tuition for his MBA program. Right now we've paid about $15k this year, and another $15k for the rest of the year. So that's $15k we'll be getting back potentially, which we will have to pay taxes on, but it will be really sweet if it happens. So DH figures what he's losing in income is being made up by his tuition benefit.

Another point which is pissing me off, his current company is terrible at reimbursements. It's been about 1 month and still no reimbursement for his conference last month. It really bugs me because we floated them the money on our CC, which I can pay but I'm just pissed that they haven't given it to us yet. I don't like this business of reimbursement but that's how it works for us.

Anyway DH has about 2 weeks left at the company he's giving notice today. I wonder if he'll be told to just leave? Or if he'll be asked to be "let go." One can only wonder what this evening holds.

Also up tonight a meeting with our neighbors regarding issues with our condo association. Can I mention again how much I hate living in a townhouse? I wish we could have afforded a single family home. Right now I realize I sound like a spoiled child, but it's tough waiting to be able afford a single family house when there are are so many people out there complaining about buying a $300k SFH.


MS said...

Best of luck to you and your husband on his new job. Is it possible for him to volunteer for a layoff at the old place?

Living Almost Large said...

Unfortunately they are having a reorganization for whatever that means. No idea who is going where and when. But nope he can't just volunteer I think he was one of the people not being "laid off". Actually they are making a counter offer, but he won't take it.

tehnyit said...

Sorry to hear that your DH's new workplace is slow with their reimbursements. One of my workplace was also slow with their reimbursements until I say that they are also liable to pay for the interest charged and any late payment fees as well.

Living Almost Large said...

I think when they delay in the reimbursement like this it's a sign they don't care really about their employees. I feel that a company that cars is one which makes an effort not to allow their people to struggle to make ends meet.